On most of its edges, Downtown borders existing stable and historic neighborhoods. Accordingly, Downtown must primarily expand up rather than out, through incremental redevelopment of parking lots and underutilized parcels. However, on Downtown’s southern edge the opportunity exists to extend Downtown development by several blocks. With easy access to several forms of transportation and close proximity to Fayetteville Street, the Warehouse District, and the heart of Downtown Raleigh, this location has much to offer.

The Downtown Plan, adopted by the City of Raleigh in September 2015, lays out goals and strategies for transforming the city’s urban core. The plan identifies five Catalytic Project Areas anchored in each of Downtown’s major districts. At the top of this list is the City Gateway project, imagined as an Urban Innovation Campus with mixed-use buildings and public gathering spaces. Working in partnership with the City of Raleigh, City Gateway is the initial phase of a multi-phase development aligned with the vision set out in the Downtown Plan.